Effortless Help and Support Content

Help your users help themselves and then reap the benefits.


We want you to spend less on help and support.

The best way to do that is to provide your users with the tools they need to support themselves.

Multi-Platform Content

Our API’s enable you to provide your users with help and support content as part of your applications instead of as an addition to them.

Centralized Management

Create, update, and coordinate help and support content for all of your platforms in one place. Never wait on deployments again.

Ready to Search

We index all of your help and support content in your own private catalog. It’s fast, efficient, and there for your users when they need it.

How does Supportify make things better?

Easy tools for integration and automated content creation mean less effort for better help and support.

Because it shouldn't take extra work to create great help and support content.

One of the cornerstones of Supportify is the concept that content creation shouldn’t be forced along a single path. So, whether it’s through e-mail, or via a support tool like Zendesk, you responses can become support content to benefit all of your customers. Check out our documentation section for more information on our currently available integration options. Or, feel free to contact us if you don’t see your tools and want to find out how to change that.

We believe that adding help and support content to your products should be as easy as creating it.

Users need help and support not only when they’re having problems, but also where they’re having problems. And we believe this shouldn’t be an issue. As a result, we’ve built a number of options for integrating help and support in to your products.

Open-Source Client Libraries

We've been working on a growing collection of open-source client libraries to help make integration with your products quick and painless. Don't see a language or framework that you need? Contact us and let us know.

Flexible API

For those times when you don't need the full support of a client library or when you're doing something more unique. We have a RESTful API available for retrieving your content. Check out our Docs section for more information.

Know what your users think of your content.

While creating help and support content is important, only the beginning of the solution. A complete solution involves creating content that resonates with your users and makes a lasting impact on them. Supportify makes this easier by providing you with the tools to receive feedback from your users on the content that you create.

See what content your users are looking for.

Supportify automatically indexes all of your content for fast and efficient searching. Although this allows your customers to search your help and support for what they need, monitoring their queries and creating missing content will help you to be sure that you’re creating the content that solves their most important problems.

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