On Saying Goodbye

Five summers ago an idea was born on a humid afternoon in Philadelphia, PA. This idea started out with a simple enough of a premise: "wouldn't if be cool if a CMS allowed you to retrieve your content via an API?" From that simple idea, Supportify was born.

Along the way, there have been many twists and turns. What started out as a simple enough of an idea waxed and waned to become some times more, and other times less, complex than it needed to be. Every step of the way, however, we had fun, we made friends, and we grew to become better than we were. Unfortunately, the idea of Supportify never captivated the hearts and minds of the people we tirelessy strove to serve. And so it is, that after five years, the time has come to close our doors and shelve our code.

To the early-adopters: thank you for the faith in our idea. Without you, this journey would not have lasted as long as it did. To our friends and families: thank you for your tireless love and support. You are the ones that we do this for.

From here, we all move on to different challenges. And, although our journeys will no doubt take us to new and exciting destinations we will never forget the times that we had when we were the team that built supportify.io.